Washington trip

Friday, July 15, 2005

Lisa "Rubbergator" and her nice little Vulcan 500. Parking lot in front of SCP.
Dutch's nice 1600 Classic. I really like the air filter cover! It's a great looking bike.
The "conference table" in side SCP. I think they have board meeting here once a week
Dutch inside SCP. It's a nice clean place to work. There are flames on the microwave, that's cool! Good facility, but it's hard to find. At least for this "out of State" person.
This bike resided in Oregon for about 2 months, now it back home to Washington. Scorpion~'s old 700, Now belongs to "Bear" who lives in Maple Valley. Dutch out side the new SCP in Kent, Washington.
Mount Ranier through the overhead at one of my "homes"
Flying Willie and Dutch...........Hmmmmm. Another Kokopelli? Nice decals. Willie couldn't make dinner, he had to go help out with the Western dance lessons he's involved with. Not to be confused with Square Dancing
What a way to ruin your evening! Fortunately it wasn't too far from SCP. We got it loaded up, had a fine time, and got it all tucked in the garage at home, so it turned out fine. Dead Shark, Dead Tire.........................
BluFrog and Katheryn in Sherm's showroom. We're waiting to close the shop so we can go eat!
We need to get this on on the VROC page. Guess I'll edit it some and sent it on. Rubbergator!
Dutch, Mary Ann, Bear, BluFrog, Katheryn and Rubbergator waiting for our food at Poppa's in Kent.
Scorpion~ would have been going bananas if he had been here!
The tatooed ladies at the next table.
Dutch, MaryAnn, and Bear. MaryAnn is sending the scorpion tatoo picture to the "Real" Scorpion~ in Miami.
Rocketgirl and Ham (Cruisnon2) arrive for dinner.
Rocketgirl, Rubbergator and Ham in "Deep converstaion" at Poppa's
Bear thinking, "This just wasn't my day". His third flat tire on his 1500 Classic. But..........he has a new bike now
Rocketgirl and Ham, getting ready for a snack.
Rubbergator getting ready to ride off into the sunset after our dinner at Poppa's in Kent.
Mount Rainier. Bear took this shot out of my car window on the way to his house with the "flat tire" behind us on the trailer. It's a beautiful mountain.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

John Hanneman from Wisconson in front of the Umpqua River Lighthouse, on the bluffs above Winchester Bay, OR. Picture taken July 13, 2005.
A Coast Guard watch tower overlooking the Bar. This is the mouth of the Umpqua River, and the North Jetty. The red flag means that "Small Craft Warnings" are in effect.
A 47' Coast Guard boat patroling the "bar" of the Umpqua River. I was on the team that helped design these "self righting, motor surf boats". They are the replacement for the old 44 MLB's the took the place for the old wooden 36 footers.
This is an Oyster bed between the South Jettys at the mouth of the Umpqua River. There are lots of sandunes in this area, and hundreds of miles of ATV trails.
John Hanneman with his Nomad overlooking the Pacific Ocean.
Pelicans are fun! This is in Winchester Bay, OR.
These are wild Elk, near Dean Creek. These are wild and free to come and go, and range in a fairly large area of South Western Oregon. This field they are in is protected, and they seem to know it. They are in and out of here all year round. This is about 4 miles east of Reedsport on Hwy 38. Steve Lacewell, former owner of Sherm's Cycle Products has a 15 acre ranch less than 3 miles from this spot. And....his property isn't protected
Nice looking rack! And this is just a young bull.
This is parked along sid the road where the Elk were.
VN700 on the way to it's new owner.
This was about a mile down the road from the large Bulls. Lots of yearlings in here, as well as mothers and some young bulls.
Most of this herd are young bulls, mothers and they young ones.
This baby still has spots.
The wild blackberries are getting ripe. A little late this year, but there will be a huge crop. the empty blossoms had already been harvested as part of my "raw foods" diet They will be at their peak in a couple of weeks.
This is the Umpqua River Navigation dredge and Barge. It has a new name now, different company, I can't remember what it is. They are continually working on the river bottom, and little tugs move the gravel barges down to Reedsport to their yard.
Note the 3 different booms. They are all carrying gravel on a belt that has been sorted and graded on the dredge, and loading it onto the barge for transfering down River.
This is the bridge with a reinforcing beam on the NE end. They are doing some other construction on the bridge today.
This is a reinforcment beam on the bridge over the Umpqua at Scottsburg, OR. This beam has been in place for many years, guess it's doing it's job.
Highway 38 near Hardscrabble Creek on the way to I-5.
Entering I-5 at Exit 162 from Hwy 38 near Drain, Oregon.
One of the bridges over the Willamette River in Portland, OR.
Nice Rest area on I-5 in Washington. All of the rest areas in the State offer Free Coffee and cookies, a donation is expected, but it's a good service.